{Abby + Ethan}

I met Abby at Sharptop Cove in August of 2015.  She and I were both on work crew for Cedar Springs High School Ministry camp.  I knew right away that she was a sweet soul.  We ended up hanging out in Knoxville after getting back from camp and then that following summer, Abby asked me if I would lead a small group for her and a group of her friends for the summer.  It was such a sweet small group and they joined up with my RUF small group the following school year where I got to know Abby more.

Abby met Ethan at Sharptop Cove during a leadership weekend for Young Life in 2015.  The word from her best friends is that Ethan followed Abby around camp that weekend because he was so SMITTEN with her.  He even went to a meeting on club worship and he does not sing or play guitar.  He wanted to study one thing.... ABBY!  haha.  

Ethan is such a kind soul.  He knew that Abby had celiac disease and wanted to bring her a treat in the library.  The only thing he knew was gluten free was peanut butter so he bought her a jar of peanut butter to snack on.  (SO CUTE - he also bought her a jar of peanut butter on their wedding day - see my instagram to read about their time together before the wedding).  

Fastfoward three years and they got engaged back at Sharptop Cove... and this past Friday the 13th, they were married at Cedar Springs.

Abby will be continuing her education at Vanderbilt this Fall for nursing and Ethan will be on Young Life staff here in Knoxville.  

I hope you guys have a blast on your honeymoon!  I texted some of Abby's friends for Ethan and Abby stories and they did not disappoint!!  LOVE YOU ABBY AND ETHAN... You vans wearing, PF Chang eating, Young Life loving, gluten free PRECIOUS COUPLE!!!  YALL ARE AWESOME!


VENUE: Mill and Mine / CHURCH: Cedar Springs / FLORALS: Wade Floral Company / CATERING: Brown Bag / VIDEO:  /WEDDING COORDINATOR: Southern Bliss 

Tracie Ancelet