Stephanie + Andy

Stephanie and Andy were married at the Standard in Knoxville on Saturday, June 2.  Stephanie is a Knoxville native and met Andy swing dancing in Washington, DC and let me tell you... I left their wedding and told my husband - WE HAVE TO TAKE SWING DANCE LESSONS - and guess what... we did!   Now, that shows you how inspired I was when I left their wedding!  We took our first lesson 4 days later!  AND DID WE LOOK JUST LIKE THEM???  NOPE!  It made me all the more marvel in how amazingly talented these two are!  We were HORRIBLE - haha!  

Andy's family came from Malaysia to be a part of the special day!  His dad married the two of them and honestly, it was one of the sweetest ceremonies I have ever witnessed.  I told Andy if his dad was a pastor in Knoxville, I would attend his church!!!  I was hanging on his every word and loved his honesty and his heart so much!  What a special service.  

Andy and Stephanie will have a wedding celebration in Malaysia in August.  I would love to shoot it! (hint hint - ha!).  

I was so honored to be a part of their big day and the reception - OH MY WORD - all of their swing dancing friends came and the dance floor was LIT!  


Tracie Ancelet